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The Elder Expo offers a range of products all with one purpose: making independent living safe and easy. Whether you’re a senior, recovering from injury, have a special medical condition, or are living with a disability, once simple tasks like brushing your teeth or getting groceries can become difficult and even dangerous. Limited mobility, strength, and balance all lead to a greater likelihood of falls, greater difficulty with motor skills, and, some would say, a greater need for assistance. While assistance can make some things easier, the team at The Elder Expo strives to empower you or your loved ones to live as independently as possible. We carefully select fall prevention products, small mobility aids, larger equipment to help with mobility, adaptive devices for Parkinson’s, and more to stock our shop with everything you need for independent daily living. Our blog is full of information to be sure you have both the products and the knowledge you need to live on your own terms. Thanks for visiting, and we hope to become a trusted resource on your independent living journey.

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