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10 New State-of-The-Art Rollator Walkers from Comoditá

Introducing our 10 New Rollator Walkers from Comoditá! These elite rollator walkers are innovative, stylish, comfortable, convenient, and versatile. They are among the best rollator walkers for seniors, people with Parkinson’s disease, osteoarthritis, or those with other mobility limitations. The makers of these heavy-duty rollators paid close attention to everyone who needs a rollator walker. Whether you’re short, tall, small, or active, one of these rolling walkers will surely meet your needs. Choose from a wide variety of standard, compact, and specialty rollators walkers.

Standard Rollator Walkers from Comoditá

There are five standard walkers from Comoditá – The Uno classic, Prima, Piccola, Prima special, and Spazio. All five are beautifully crafted from the best quality materials available and designed to accommodate various users. Use them all indoors and outdoors. They are stylish and innovative—the perfect mobility helper for people with Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, and other mobility limitations.

Additional features include:

  • Height adjustable handles with easy to lock hand grips
  • Perfect for users measuring 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 4 inches
  • Comfortable built-in padded seats with under-seat removable storage bags
  • Comoditá’s signature “S” shaped back wheel support that offers more room for the feet to move and enables the user’s weight to be distributed evenly over the walker wheels
  • Padded ergonomic backrests for added comfort 
  • Supports weights of 250 pounds or more
  • Conveniently folds for storage and travel
  • Aluminum 10-inch and 8-inch swivel wheels for easy maneuvering 
  • Available in a variety of vibrant colors

The Uno classic includes an ultra-comfortable 16-inch orthopedic seat with coccyx relief contour, a wider backrest for maximum comfort when seated, the exclusive Comoditá Pisa cup holder, and a cane holder. The 10-inch aluminum front wheels swivel, making the Uno classic easy to maneuver over carpets, hardwoods, gravel, and sidewalks. It supports weights up to 300 pounds and comes in four fantastic colors (click here for more details). The extra-large eight-inch wheels on the Prima Rollator Walker are sturdy enough to easily hold up to 400 pounds. A reinforced frame adds extra security to the Prima’s already safe and sturdy aluminum frame. 

Piccola-orange-modelOur Prima special rollator walker has the same ultra-comfortable 16-inch orthopedic seat with coccyx relief contour and wider backrest as the Uno classic. It supports weights of up to 400 pounds and includes the Comoditá Pisa cup holder and cane holder. The Piccola rollator walker is just the right size for users up to 5 feet 4 inches tall. This petite rolling walker has eight-inch aluminum wheels as well as a reinforced frame for stability and safety. It supports weights of up to 400 pounds and comes in three amazing colors: metallic champagne, metallic graphite, and metallic red.


The Compact Rollator Walkers from Comoditá

Take a look at our new compact rollator walkers from Comoditá; the Tipo all-terrain, Tipo petite, and Tipo classic.

These patented rolling walkers are perfect for people on the go! The Tipo all-terrain, with its meticulous quality, features 12-inch pneumatic front wheels and 10-inch rear wheels to make traveling over all types of terrains effortless. The large pneumatic wheels easily maneuver over gravel, sand, concrete, carpets, hardwoods, and linoleum. It’s ideal for indoors and outdoors and is available in four noticeable colors: Modena Red, Metallic Graphite, Modena Yellow, and Metallic Champagne.  Our Tipo classic and our Tipo petite sport 10-inch aluminum wheels in the front and eight-inch aluminum rear wheels for easy maneuvering indoors or outdoors.  All of our Tipo series include:

  • Wide, comfortable nylon seats

  • Adjustable handle heights

  • Wide, padded ergonomic backrests

  • Convenient removable cup holders

  • Convenient cane holders

  • Spacious, removable, and washable nylon bag

  • Hand brake locks for safety while sitting

  • Double-fold action to make it very compact and easy to transport

  • Four light reflectors at the front and two at the back for additional safety

  • Nylon bag with a light-reflecting strap for added security

Pick the Tipo rollator walker that best fits your needs, and keep moving! Click on the name above for more information.

The Specialty Trio Rollator Walkers from Comoditá

This special series of Comoditá rollator walkers offer users a more unique and personal experience! Built to last a lifetime, these sturdy rolling walkers are not only stylish and elegant, but they also serve a unique purpose!  The Spazio Extra Wide rollator walker provides an 18-inch, comfortable padded nylon seat and ergonomic backrest for bariatric users needing extra room for sitting. Other features include extra-large eight-inch rubber wheels and a reinforced aluminum frame durable enough to support 440 pounds. A convenient nylon storage bag is under the seat, easy-to-use height adjustable handles, and locking hand brakes for sitting completes the list of features designed to offer you the best support available in a bariatric rollator walker.

What a marvel idea! Our Tipo Stand-Up rolling walker provides a safe and convenient way to get around while eliminating the strain on your back and shoulders. It enables users to stand upright, supporting their weight on their forearms and not their hands and wrists. Tipo Stand-Up is the perfect rollator walker for people with back problems, severe arthritis in the hands or wrists, and gait issues due to Parkinson’s disease. 

Finally, the Comoditá Avanti Rolling Walker commands attention! This elegant, lightweight rolling walker allows users to operate it using one or two hands. It features an easy-to-access brake bar underneath the soft rubbery handle that enables you to brake both rear wheels, holding both the handle and the brake bar simultaneously. Pushing the brake bar downwards locks the rolling walker to park it wherever you wish. Its most important feature is the removable plastic tray used to transport items from one room to the next or used for enjoying your favorite meal in front of the TV. Ideal for users recovering from a stroke, back, knee, or hip surgery, and people with other mobility limitations.

Avanti rollator table viewOther features of the Avante Rolling Walker include the Comoditá signature “S” shaped back wheel support. This unique feature provides extra space between the rear wheels, giving users more room for their feet and preventing accidental trips and falls. The eight-inch aluminum wheels make it easy to navigate on carpets, hardwoods, and linoleum floors. Designed for minimum support and indoor use only

All of these state-0f-the-art rollators fold or double folds for storage and travel. Each one is chosen with much care and consideration to help elderly seniors and people with other special needs live independently! For more information about any of these unique rollator walkers, please visit When you do, please stick around and browse our other special needs products.