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Adaptive Cleaning Tools & Poetry for the Elderly

Elderly woman vacuuming

Elderly woman vacuuming

Home maintenance is one of those parts of life that very few people appreciate.  It requires time, tools, and agility.  Motivation and energy are the second set of components to get everything activated… Honestly, who wants to be bothered with any of that when your joints ache? It’s hard to haul awkward machines, or you just can’t reach those tight spaces because flexibility is nearly gone, and balance is something that might have you rolling like the tides!?  House cleaning is the topic right now.  

Cleaning CeilingAs we grow older, we hope for adult children or great neighbors who will offer to attend miscellaneous house matters for us (ex., grocery shopping, lawn care, cleaning tasks, etc.).  It is a known phenomenon that, sometimes, hope just doesn’t float.  The next best option is to pay a service company to do your light and deep cleaning.  If the funds are not available, do-it-yourself (DIY) may be the only option.  Make the job easier with adaptive cleaning tools that offer relief.  Here’s a tip: use the extendable handle of a reacher with a wet cloth at the end to clear cobwebs out of high corners.  

Swifer SweeperA Swiffer Sweeper is an excellent cleaning solution when light mopping is needed.  In this instance, there is no cotton mop head to wash or wring clean.  Disposable wet and dry pads are used to clean the floors.  Simply toss the pad in the trash when finished.  A quick online search shows the average price range is $11.97 to $65.20 per item type.

irobot vacuumOn the contrary, areas with carpets may need a deep cleaning to address rug fibers and the materials caught within them.  The traditional vacuum cleaners of old can be hung in the closet, or perhaps, donated to a local charity.  An automatic robot machine, like the Irobot Roomba, allows you to “set and forget.”  The machine can clean the surface of a smooth floor or the high pile of a carpet.  It also navigates around furniture.  Some machines also offer a Wi-Fi connection, and it can be managed from your mobile phone.  Robot vacuums are a bit more high-tech, and the price reflects the change.  A brief online review shows the average cost ranging between $274 and $849.

Bleach, cloroxThe floors have been covered.  Consideration must be made for counters, sinks, and other surfaces.  A trusted agent like bleach, ammonia, or tea tree oil can be used to disinfect surfaces.  This is especially important for personal hygiene supplies like bath and shower chairs.  Try using Scrubbing Bubbles to release dirt and disinfect at the same time.  Durable cleaning pads can make the task easier too.

Home maintenance may not be your #1 hobby.  House cleaning may not be your #2 joy.  Certainly, most know that children and neighbors are not a failsafe.  Yet, some tips have been shared to impart with your ol’ pal Roy.  Poetry is not the strong suit here, but hopefully, you get the drift.  Adaptive aids can make life easier, and they are appreciated even more when they are a gift!


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