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Adaptive Key Turners for Arthritic Hands

hole-in-one key holder for arthritis


Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the most common type of arthritis. These arthritic conditions affect as many as 54 million people, and more than half are over 65. These forms of arthritis cause pain and stiffness in the body’s joints, including the shoulders, knees, hips, feet, and hands. Wherever arthritis occurs in the body, the pain and stiffness limit suffers’ ability to function daily. 

No one wants to experience arthritis in any part of their body. The location where arthritis is most common is in the hands, and it can be in the thumb, knuckles, or wrist. The symptoms include swelling, burning, or tingling, the formation of cysts, and the painful feeling of bone rubbing on bone. Suffers usually wear braces or splints, in addition to taking anti-inflammatory medications, injections, and sometimes having surgery to try and elevate the pain. Performing simple tasks like writing, dressing, cooking, and even using a key to open a door becomes virtually impossible with arthritis in the hand. There are unique products out there to help but are not always easy to find. This article will focus on arthritis in the hand and three top key holders to help make unlocking a door less painful and more manageable.

SP Ableware Hole-N-One Key Holder

hole-in-one key holder for arthritis

This particular key holder is perfect for people with limited hand stretch and arthritis. It features two ways to hold it for maximum leverage. Users can wrap their fingers around the whole key holder or place their fingers through the large hole in the center. The Hole-In-One Key Holder also features a spot to add a wrist strap, a key ring, or for hanging to find it quickly. Use it to hold your house keys or most car keys. Choose the most comfortable grip for you, insert the key into the door locks and turn. It’s that simple! The red color makes it easy to find, and the five-inch length allows it to fit in your pocket or purse easily.


Keywing Key Turner Aid

3 pack keywings

The Keywing Key Turner makes keys so much easier to use; just grip and turn! Its wing-like shape and embedded dimpled dome provide a comfortable, non-slip grip that offers a firm, controlled grip. Finding the right key to use is also easier due to the different bright colors of these helpful arthritis aids. You’ll never fumble to find the right key again. They’re ideal for elderly seniors with weak hands and people with rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis in the hands.

Watch this short video to learn how easy and convenient these magnetic key holders are:

Built-Up Handle Key Holder


The name says it all! This Built-Up Handle Key Holder provides users with added leverage to easily find and turn your keys! Individuals with limited or weak grasping ability, those with arthritis, or the elderly with shaky hands will find this unique key holder tool helpful and convenient. It’s lightweight with smooth, rounded corners, made of durable, quality material, and holds up to two keys. 

These key holders for arthritic hands are just a tiny part of the big picture. Millions of people live with some form of arthritis, and their quality of life is greatly affected. Self-care activities we take for granted do not come easy for people with arthritis. Arthritis suffers struggle daily with buttoning a shirt to get dressed, holding a regular eating utensil to eat, or walking to the mailbox to collect the mail. Daily living aids like these are essential for people with arthritis. 

Like simple key holders, there are many adaptive aids to help individuals with arthritis maintain their independence and self-reliance. You can find helpful arthritis tools similar to the ones mentioned here at The Elder Expo. Browse theelderexpo.com for these useful adaptive aids and choose one or more to fit your immediate need!


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