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Afex® Male Incontinence Management Systems

Afex® Incontinence Management Systems offer men with urinary incontinence an innovative way to manage their out-of-control urine leakage. Designed especially for men, the Afex® Incontinence Management Systems give users the freedom to remain active at work and at play. The Afex® Incontinence Management Systems are commonly used for stress, urge or overflow urinary incontinence. Men with these conditions may have a problem with their prostate, a problem with their sphincter, or a problem with their urethra.


Most Common Types of Incontinence In Men 

The most common types of incontinence men experience are stress incontinence, urge incontinence, and overflow incontinence. describes stress incontinence as the release of small amounts of urine after suddenly coughing or sneezing, or after a sudden movement while exercising or weight lifting. Urge incontinence, also referred to as overactive bladder, happens when the need to urinate becomes such an urgency that the bladder cannot control the urine leakage. Overflow incontinence name defines it accurately. The overflow happens when there is a continual and uncontrollable urine flow periodically throughout the day and night. Urine builds up in the bladder until it overflows. discussed another type of incontinence in men called neurological bladder disorder. This type of incontinence happens when men experience some type of trauma to the brain or some form of neurological nerve damage to the brain. For example, a man with a brain injury from an accidental fall or a man with Parkinson’s disease may not be able to control urine leakage because their conditions prevent normal communication between the brain and the bladder. 

Causes of These Types of Urinary Incontinence In Men

There are a number of causes of urinary incontinence in men. Each type has its own cause. The University of Michigan Medicine notes that incontinence in men almost always involves the prostate. Stress incontinence may occur with the removal of the prostate gland, nerve damage, or damage to the urethral sphincter, the muscles that control the flow of urine from the bladder. Either one of these causes places stress or pressure on the bladder functions resulting in the sudden release of urine.

Urge or overactive bladder incontinence can have a number of causes. According to an article published by Harvard Medical School, an enlarged prostate in addition to urinary tract infections or problems with the bowl are most likely responsible for urge or overactive bladder incontinence. The article also points out that other causes of urge or overactive bladder incontinence include having a stroke, a spinal cord injury, living with Parkinson’s disease, or living with multiple sclerosis. As mentioned above, incontinence in men with these conditions is also referred to as neurological bladder disorder. 

The cause of overflow incontinence in men again is related to the prostate. Harvard Medical School’s article mentions that an enlarged prostate restricts the flow of urine, causing urine to build up then overflows uncontrollably.  

Men living with one or more of these types need to know that there are solutions. One of those solutions involves the use of The Afex® Incontinence Management System. This system gives you peace of mind and the ability to maintain an active lifestyle!

How The Afex® Incontinence Management System Works

The Afex® Incontinence Management System is a wonderful urinary collection system. It is designed specifically for men. Urine is collected safely and discreetly. No one but you will know you’re wearing it. Afex® Incontinence Management System comes with everything you’ll need to get started. The basic system, designed mainly for daytime use (pictured above), includes a:

Afex Daytime Systems with 16 oz Collection Bag

  • pair of comfortable men’s support boxer briefs
  • soft high style or low style receptacle 
  • 16-ounce collection bag
  • cleaning and storage container for the receptacle
  • 4-ounce bottle of cleaning solution

It is very easy to use the Afex® Daytime Incontinence Management System. Each component of the system works together to control urine leakage and urine odor while protecting your skin and clothing. The boxer briefs feature a unique pouch opening with snap-style clasps for opening and closing. An elastic strap underneath the snaps holds the soft receptacle steady while it goes through the opening and connects to the 16-ounce leg bag.

Afex® High Style Receptacle

Afex® receptacles come in your choice of high style or low style. High-style receptacles are recommended for users to wear at night or to wear when participating in activities like golfing, riding a bike, or some other activity that requires active movement.

Afex® Low Style Receptacle

The low style receptacles are for users that are non-ambulatory or sit for long periods of time. It’s perfect for wheelchair users or users who sit for long periods of time. The 16-ounce collection bag features a special spout on the bottom that allows users to empty urine from the bag without removing any part of the system.

Afex® Active Core Kit

A new Afex® system, the Afex® Active Core Daytime System, offers an alternative to the traditional urinary collection system from Afex®. Users still get everything needed to get started. However, this system includes a high style receptacle and a jockey-style brief (see image below).

The Afex® Active Core Jockey Style Brief offers users a more snug and comfortable fit and better receptacle support to greatly reduce popouts. Features include an elastic-style waistband with a lower rise and rear supporting straps. Ideal for wearing with short pants!

 The Daytime Afex® Incontinence Management Systems enable men with any type of urinary incontinence to remain active with confidence. Men can return to doing the things they love like playing golf, meeting with friends, etc. Afex® is comfortable, discreet, and highly effective. All of the Afex® Incontinence Management Systems’ components are washable and reusable which saves money.

Other Components To The Afex® Incontinence Management System

The makers of the Afex® Daytime Incontinence Management System and the Afex® Active Core Jockey Style Daytime System did not stop there. Urinary incontinence management is needed day and night. Therefore, Arcus Medical, the creator of the Afex® Incontinence Management Systems, offers a system for nighttime users and wheelchair users.

Afex® Night Time Incontinence Management System

Urinary incontinence leakage can happen at any time. Men who struggle with it during the day may also lose much-needed sleep when experiencing urinary incontinence throughout the night. Afex® has put together a management kit, especially for nighttime use. The Afex® Nighttime Incontinence Management System is similar to the Afex® Daytime Incontinence Management System but with a few added components. It comes with the following:

  • your choice of support briefs including the open-sided briefs
  • High style receptacle (for nighttime use and active daytime use)
  • 2000 ml bedside collection bag
  • Extra-long extension tube with connector
  • cleaning and storage container for the receptacle
  • 4-ounce bottle of cleaning solution

The open-sided briefs are for non-ambulatory or bedridden users. They easily open and close on both sides to allow the user or caregiver to put them on and take them off quickly. Open-sided briefs feature the same unique pouch opening with snap style clasps and the elastic strap to hold either the high or low style receptacle.

Afex® Extension Tube with Connector

This nighttime system comes with an extra-long Afex® Extension Tube with Connector and the Afex® Extra Capacity Bed Bag. The Afex® extension tube assembly attaches to the receptacle on one end and to the bed bag on the other end. Urine flows through the tube from the receptacle into the 2000 ml bed bag. Once the user gets used to wearing the Afex® Nighttime Incontinence Management System, pure, relaxing comfort sets in for a full night’s sleep! 

Afex® Extra Capacity Bed Bag

Afex® offers another type of urinary collection bag called the Afex® Vented Urinary Leg Bag. Like the Afex® Extra Capacity Bed Bag, the Afex® Vented Leg Bag only works with the Afex® Extension Tube Assembly. In addition, the leg bag can be inserted into the Afex® Leg Bag Holder (shown below and sold separately from the Leg Bag). The Afex® Vented Urinary Leg Bag, leg bag holder, and extension tube assembly along with the briefs of your choice and low style receptacle, are perfect for wheelchair users living with urinary incontinence.

Afex® Leg Bag with the Afex® Leg Bag Holder (sold separately)

The Afex® Incontinence Management Systems give users peace of mind and absolute confidence. Each Afex System and components are designed to prevent urine leakage, protect users and their clothing and eliminate embarrassing odors. They are a great alternative to adult diapers and condom catheters. Men who use the Afex Systems are able to return to a normal and active lifestyle. Afex Incontinence Management Systems are washable, reusable, and economical. Choose the Afex system that’s right for you and relax! 

Please do not hesitate to call if you have additional questions about any of these Afex® Incontinence Management Systems. Our customer service team is standing by to assist you Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST. Call us at 1.877.728.9507 or send us your questions through our Contact Us page.

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