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Five Best Affordable Jar and Bottle Openers for Seniors

Jar opener for seniors with arthritis

A new study shows that 50% of people have trouble opening jars and bottles. Bottle caps and jar lids are not just troublesome for the elderly or people with arthritis; anyone can experience this problem. Although inventors made strides with the twist-off bottle top, even it can be a problem for someone with weak or limited grasping ability. Manufacturers recognized an opportunity to eliminate this struggle and came up with several solutions. This article will present five of the best inexpensive jar and bottle openers for anyone, especially those with arthritic hands and elderly seniors with weak hand dexterity.

The Easy-Grip Jar and Bottle OpenerEasy-Grip-Rubber-Cat-Shaped-Jar-Bottle-Opener

Jar opener for seniors with arthritisThe Easy-Grip Jar and Bottle Opener, shaped like a cat, is the PurrFect Gripper™ to make opening jars and bottles effortless. It’s ideal for people with arthritis, weak hand dexterity, limited range of motion, and even individuals recovering from a stroke. Features include 

  • a cone-shaped head for opening twist-off water bottle caps, soda caps, beer bottle caps, and medicine bottle caps;
  • a flexible rubber body for opening larger-sized jar lids and bottle caps, and hold the jar to prevent it from slipping out of your hands;
  • a package cutter located between the ears to rip through paper, break the plastic seals on medicine lids and other type lids;
  • a convenient magnet for storing on the refrigerator, stove, or other magnetic appliances. 

This Easy-Grip Jar and Bottle Opener is less expensive than the average electric jar opener or automatic jar opener and just as functional. The squeezable rubber makes it comfortable and more manageable for arthritic hands to hold and control.

Under cabinet jar opener

The EZ Off Jar Opener

under cabinet jar openerThis magnificent gadget is by far the most popular under the cabinet jar lid and bottle opener! The EZ Off Jar Opener opens any size sealed or hard to open bottle cap with just a simple twist. It’s the perfect jar opener for seniors, people with arthritis stiffness, carpal tunnel, and those with limited hand dexterity. Unnoticeable under the kitchen cabinet, taking up a small amount of space, and installs in minutes. Made in America from premium, quality materials designed for long-lasting durability, makes the EZ Off Jar Opener the perfect kitchen tool for anyone!


The Magic Opener Combomagic combo openerMagic Opener Combo

Considered the No. 1 bottle opener for seniors and people with arthritis, this Magic Opener Combo easily opens more than 16 different-sized plastic bottle caps. Features include a ring pull for pull-tab cans or ripping through plastic and a magnet for storing on the refrigerator or other metal appliance. The combo includes a mini magic opener and a jumbo magic opener with eight slots each. It’s versatile, convenient, compact, and functional. 


Dycem – Non-Slip Cone Jar Opener

Dycem OpenerThis dome-shaped jar and bottle opener assist with opening jars, water bottles, medicine bottles, doorknobs, and more. The Dycem Non-Slip Cone Jar Opener fits in the palm of the hand and made of 100 percent Dycem, a non-slip, rubber-like material built to last. It’s ideal for people with limited grasping ability, arthritis, or weak or poor upper extremities. It measures 4-1/2 inches, is lightweight, portable, and easily stores in the kitchen drawer. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to use.


The Jar Opener Set

The Jar Opener Set

Designed with seniors in mind, The Jar Opener Set is ideal for anyone, especially those with arthritis, weak grasping ability, and upper extremity weakness. It opens multiple size containers, including small bottle caps to six-inch, vacuum-sealed jar tops. Features include ergonomically designed, non-slip, long handles, and multifunctioning tools. The set comes with

  • a 6-in-1 can opener
  • a 5 in 1 bottle opener
  • a 4-in-1 jar opener
  • a Gripper for an easy, secure grip on any size bottle or can

The Jar Opener Set is the perfect gift for seniors and adults seeking ease and comfort to open any size bottle, jar, or can.

These popular items make the struggle to open bottle caps and jar lids comfortable and easier! Even more so for elderly seniors, people with arthritis, and individuals with upper extremity limitations. Another great fact is they are all affordable! Choose the opener right for you and shop now! If you have any questions, contact customer support and The Elder Expo. Our customer service team stands ready to assist you Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST.


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