Incontinence Management

Best Products for Urinary Incontinence Protection


Don’t let living with urinary incontinence stop you from enjoying life! Select one of these urinary incontinence products to protect your clothing, bed linens, furniture upholstery, and most of all, your skin. All of them protect you from accidental urine leakage and harmful odor-causing bacteria. These incontinence management and protection options include:

  • reusable and disposable furniture protectors
  • bed and chair underpads
  • men and women reusable and disposable underwear
  • excellent absorbent pads and liners
  • male urinary incontinence collection systems

Reusable & Disposable Bed & Chair Pads

Our reusable, waterproof bed pads and chair liners keep your linens, furniture, and skin dry day and night. They come in a variety of sizes. Made with absorbent inner layers designed to pull moisture away from your skin and block moisture from passing through. This underpad from Wearever features a cotton quilted top that is soft and comfortable to touch. The waterproof, non-slip backing adds an extra layer of protection. All of these reusable waterproof underpads are machine washable.

Remedies Disposable Underpads with Ultra Absorbent Fluff Fill aids in keeping your skin dry and healthy. They control odor and shields your bed linen and furniture cushions from urine leakage. These disposable waterproof liners work similarly to our reusable protective underpads. They come in various sizes to cover small or large areas and offer several absorbency levels to fit your specific urinary leakage condition. Features include:

  • a highly absorbent soft fluff fill
  • a waterproof blue backing to prevent sliding
  • a seal around all four sides to prevent moisture from spreading 

Reusable & Stylish Incontinence Underwear for Men & Women


Choose from a huge selection of discreet, reusable men and women stylish incontinence underwear. The men’s collection includes classic and boxer-style briefs with functioning fly fronts and traditional cotton boxers with functional button fly fronts.

The women’s collection has various panty styles, regular full coverage, bikini style, hi-cut, sexy lace, lace top, and no-panty line.

All of these options offer urinary protection for light, moderate and heavy urine leakage. They all feature a built-in Unique-Dri™ absorbent pad designed to pull moisture away from your skin and trap it for a much longer wear time. The built-in pad does this using Agion™, antimicrobial fibers that eliminate odor-causing bacteria and wrapped in a nylon layer that prevents urine leakage.

Reusable and washable incontinence underwear are a great alternative to disposable underwear. Purchasing reusables save you over $450 a year and help the environment.

Light to Heavy Absorbent Disposable Incontinence Briefs, Pads & Liners

Our selection of disposable incontinence briefs, bladder control pads, and liners includes many name brands. They all offer different levels of incontinence protection, just like reusables. Choosing the brand that’s right for you depends entirely on your specific need. 

There is an incontinence brief, liner, or pad to provide urinary leakage protection for light, moderate and heavy urine flow. Each one is made with its own special materials designed to provide sensitive skin protection, exceptional absorbency, a comfortable fit, and odor control. Briefs sizes range from extra small to bariatric, while the bladder control pads and liners lengths range from short to extra long.

Reusable Incontinence Management Collection
Systems for Men

Our male incontinence management systems are perfect for men with an overflow urinary incontinence condition. These external management kits offer the utmost comfort, discretion, and odor control protection during the day and overnight. Each system, worn discreetly under clothing, collects urine while protecting your clothes and skin from accidental wetness and odor-causing bacteria. 

The Afex Incontinence Management Kit and the McGuire Style Urinary Collection System come with everything you’ll need to get started. Each incontinence management system allows the user to return to a productive and active lifestyle and an opportunity for uninterrupted sleep during the nighttime.

McGuire Style Incontinence Kit

These urinary collection systems are perfect for men recovering from a stroke, prostate cancer, or an enlarged prostate. Wheelchair users and men with a neurological disorder experiencing out-of-control urinary incontinence will also benefit from these unique collection systems. Wear them to the office, on the golf course, during an evening out with friends and family, and overnight. 

Sizes for the Afex system range from extra small to 6x large and sizes for the McGuire Style system fits waist size up to 44 inches. Completely reusable and washable.

Shop our Incontinence Management category to find the incontinence management protection option that best fits your specific need. Whether you prefer reusable boxers or briefs, stylish panties or disposable briefs, pads or liners, or urinary collection systems, your choices are plentiful. Our goal is to provide you with urinary incontinence protection that helps you maintain an independent and stress-free lifestyle. For questions not answered here, please call 1.877.728.9507, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST.   


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