Medication Reminders & Pill Organizers

Keeping Track of Medication: Medication Reminder Products, Apps, and More

Medisafe App

Many elderly folks find themselves with an extensive pill regimen. You may find yourself with multiple pills that have to be taken on different days at different times of day. Taking medication consistently is so important, which makes medication reminders just as important.

You can use a variety of tools and techniques to be sure you take your medication on time. Two-thirds of Americans do not adhere to their prescription schedule, and 125,000 premature deaths per year are the result of non-adherence.

Whether you’re forgetting your own meds or worried about a friend or family member forgetting theirs, read up on these medication management techniques.

Use an App

If you’re relatively technology-savvy, you can manage medications using specialty apps or the apps already on your phone!

Most phones come with a calendar app and a reminders app already installed. If you don’t have one, I recommend starting with Google Calendar. It’s easy to use for medication reminders and for anything else you need on your calendar.

You can also download apps specially designed for medication reminders! I recommend the Medisafe Medication Management app or the Care Zone Health Info app. You can check out more information about these and other apps here.

Medisafe App

Use a Pill Dispenser or Other Medication Reminder

Pill dispensers typically give audible and visual cues when it’s time to take medication. They can also indicate the right medication to take at that time.

You can also use other medication reminders that act as small timers and can be taken with you wherever you go. They will give an audible cue when it’s time to take medication, but unlike pill dispensers, the medication will not be stored within the device. You have to keep the medication separately and remember what to take at what time of day.

Check out this article for information on the best pill dispensers and medication reminders.

Use a Medication Organizer

Medication organizers are another great way to keep track of your medication. They will not remind you to take your medication during the day, but you can organize your meds and keep track of what you’ve taken.

Medication organizers are best when paired with a reminder app to remind you to take your meds at the right time. You can pick up a simple med organizer at your local pharmacy or get a larger more complex one online.