Mature Folks, Please Take a Stand!

elderly man skate boarding


elderly man skate boarding

Center stage is where many yearn to be.  The location means all eyes are on you.  Everyone awaits your next word. Your stance is tall and proud. What happens when you rely on basic balance, and it begins to fail you?

Elephant on a ball

Let’s explore the basics of balance.  Balance is regulated in the body by the vestibular system. That system includes the inner ear, eyes, muscles, joints, and brain.  The various parts of the vestibular system, especially the eyes and the ear, register information about the body’s position in the world and send messages to the brain – then muscles and joints – to make postural adjustments as needed to maintain balance. 

When the vestibular system is not performing as it should, there may be notable difficulties when you sit, stand, climb stairs, and more.  Mobility aids and adaptive tools are available to help with functionality inside and outside of the home.  Bed rails can be placed along the sides of a bed to help pull the body up and toward the edge for steady seating. An EZ Stand-N-Go HD is a stand assistant device found online at The Elder Expo to make it easy to stand from a seated position.

Simple tasks don’t need to be a challenge once you learn how to manage them. Standing tall and proud can be easy.  A grab bar is a great compliment and safety aid in the bathroom.  A smaller suction cup grab bar can be used in the shower/tub, while a more sturdy security pole & curve safety grab bar can assist with standing or transferring from the toilet or tub.  Having multiple security poles in the home is a great advantage because it can offer added safety in the bedroom or favorite sitting area!

If you are the person in need of such items (or the caregiver to someone special), consider thoughtful gifts for you or someone else during the holidays and special occasions.  The warm gratitude expressed for a hand-knitted cap or a fresh dozen of home-baked cookies is the same appreciation expressed for someone recognizing a need and meeting it. 

The OmniTray is a great gift option for nearly anyone who needs a little balance support.  It offers a sturdy bamboo TV table combined with a mobility handle.  The benefit is a readily accessible workspace for puzzles, a wide surface to place meals, and a convenient location to keep the telephone and remote.  When it’s time to move, an ergonomic handle is available to support you.

The Elder Expo is an online retailer that wants to help keep you center stage in your home and other places comfortable for you.  Mature folks, we ask that you please take a stand! And let your stance be tall and proud!