Bed, Bath & Assisting Rail Safety

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Security-Pole-Curved-Grab-Bar-StanderUp to 3 million older adults visit the emergency room yearly to treat broken bones, brain injuries, and other conditions related to slips and falls in the home. Our bed and bath safety products are all you will need to prevent these costly events. Choose from state-of-the-art adjustable safety bed rails for the elderly and people with disabilities to eliminate the risk of falling when getting in and out of bed. For the best solution to ensure shower and bathtub safety, select one of our innovative shower chairs, bath stools, suction cup grab bars, security poles, or heavy-duty transfer benches to prevent the risk of injury when entering and exiting the shower or bathtub. Sturdy toilet safety rails, comfortable elevated or raised toilet seats, and bariatric or standard bedside commodes make the best safety solution for sitting and standing when using the toilet.