Getting Around The House

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Couch-cane-assistAging, obesity, and medical conditions like severe arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke recovery can limit your ability to get around the house. Meet the challenge with one of these must-have product options. Sit and stand effortlessly with our EZ Stand-N-Go support handles, 2-N-1 Assist-A-Tray, Omni TV Tray and Safety Handle, and our most popular Couch Cane. Need to raise your favorite chair, couch, or bed, try one of our well-constructed furniture raisers to get the job done safely. Getting in and out of your car can also be problematic at times. Try our Swivel Seat Cushion, CarCaddie Safety Handle, or the HandyBar for assistance to solve that problem. Hands shaking due to Parkinson’s disease or essential hand tremors, keep them steady with one of these Weighted Universal Pen and Pencil Holders. Finally, reaching items on tall shelves or having trouble bending or stretching to get dress, try using one of our Extra Long Reachers can help.