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Parkinson's Weighted Silverware reduces tremors, shaking

Never miss a meal again because your hands shake uncontrollably from Parkinson’s disease, essential hand tremors, or the pain and swelling from Arthritis. Are you wondering how to make the kitchen safe for the elderly and people with special needs? Here are some must-have kitchen items that can help. Our collection of adaptive eating aids are in stock and ready to go. Give yourself the royal treatment with stainless steel heavy-weighted eating utensils, easy-to-grasp built-up handled eating utensils, special raised rimmed scoop and partitioned plates, and unique adaptive drinking aids.  These adaptive and assistive eating aids help seniors remain self-reliant and independent for as long as possible while enhancing safety. All kitchen utensils and dining assisting aids are designed with specialized handles or serrated or rocker blades for people with a weak grip due to their medical condition or limited range of motion.