Parkinson's Helpers

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Parkinson’s disease is a diagnosis no one wants to receive. It changes your life significantly. The symptoms of this neurological disease include shaky hands or resting tremors, stiffness, and walking or balance issues. Although there’s no cure, adaptive devices are available to help make living with Parkinson’s and essential tremors a little easier. Our weighted eating utensils and weighted insulated mugs, steady shaking hands, enabling patients to eat a meal and drink a beverage without assistance. 

People with Parkinson’s and essential tremors also have problems with toileting and bathing. The use of grab bars and toilet safety frames eliminate concerns overslipping and falling in the bathroom. For those having problems with their gait or balance, check out these walkers and rollators for support. In addition to our walkers and rollators, check out this informative video on gait training for patients with Parkinson’s disease.