Stroke Recovery Helpers

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Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar BlackHemiplegia or hemiparalysis of the arm, shoulder, or leg muscles usually occurs after a stroke. Stroke recovery is made easy with these products from Use the CVA Excercise Pulley to strengthen the arms and shoulders muscles, while the Pedal Exerciser strengthens the legs. Try one of our easy-to-use walkers or rollators to improve your balance and protect yourself from accidental falls due to foot drop and other complications with balance. Our Avanti and our Let’s Go Indoor Rollators are designed specifically for users using only one hand. 

Our Clip-On Eating Utensils and Freedom Scoop Plate with Suction Cup Base adaptive eating aids will help stroke patients maintain the recommended well-balanced diet. Relearning to dress again and maintaining bathe safety is not a problem with our all-inclusive 7-Piece Hip Kit and Security Pole & Curved Safety Grab Bar. These are just a few of our adaptive products to assist you in your stroke recovery. Browse our stroke recovery helpers to see more, and check out this short video below to see a quick exercise to help strengthen your legs after suffering a stroke.