All Terrain Outdoor Rollator Walkers

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These heavy-duty, go everywhere rollator walkers are perfect for hikes in the woods, strolls on the beach, or navigating around the house. The all-terrain, 8-inch swivel wheels on the Let’s Go Outdoor Rollator Walker navigate busy sidewalks and loose gravel with ease. Its sleek, elegant design makes the Let’s Go Outdoor must-have for users with balancing issues, and other conditions that limit mobility.

The 12-inch pneumatic front wheels and 10-inch rear wheels of the Comodità Tipo All-Terrain Rollator Walker can roll over all types of surfaces with ease. The Comodità Tipo Stand-Up Rollator Walker with its extra-large 10-inch front aluminum wheels and 8- inch rear wheels with pneumatic tires offers safer indoor and outdoor use. Other unique features include:

  • a convenient nylon bag with a light-reflecting strap under the seat that converts to a shoulder bag
  • four safety light reflectors at the front and two safety light reflectors at the back
  • recommended for users with heights between 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 4 inches 
  • Easy to fold and double folds to fit in the convenient travel bag for travel

Our Tipo Stand-Up Rollator Walker is the perfect up-right rollator walker for people with Parkinson’s disease, chronic back pain, and other medical conditions that cause problems with gait or walking. It forces the user to stand upright, using their forearms for support and their hands to control the walker. Forcing the user to stand upright improves posture and removes pressure from the shoulders, back, and legs.