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Best Six Medication Reminders for Elderly Seniors

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Elderly seniors are taking more and more medications each year. Over one-third of all prescription medication issued is issued to our aging population. The average senior citizen or their family members fill between nine and 13 prescriptions yearly. This means an elderly person takes, on average, four to five prescribed pills a day. Those living in nursing homes or family caregivers take as many as seven prescribed pills a day. 

Anyone taking multiple medications one or more times a day stands at risk of making a mistake. This couldn’t be more true for the elderly. A huge problem for older people is remembering to take medications on time or forgetting to take them together. Even worse, older people overdosing or experiencing an adverse reaction (ADR) to taking multiple drugs also poses problems. A Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report stated that over 44 percent of older people are hospitalized because of ADRs to taking multiple medications. 

Helpful Ways to Avoid Adverse Reaction to Multiple Medications

Organizing medication reminders

Prescribing multiple medications for senior care makes medication adherence more and more complex with age. In addition, complications and side effects from the prescribed medication can cause confusion, weakness, or cognitive issues that help contribute to forgetting to take medication or taking too much medication, resulting in a whole set of new problems. As a result, some older people may stop taking their medications. To help elderly seniors avoid adverse effects, the CDC offers these helpful guidelines:

  • Please make a list of all prescribed medications, what they treat and the amount taken
  • Share this list with all of your doctors, caregivers, or home health aids
  • Be sure to follow each medications’ directions
  • Ask the prescribing doctor or pharmacist questions   

 Another great way to eliminate the possibility of overdosing or underdosing includes using medication reminders. There are several types of medication reminder systems. These include pill dispensers, pill organizers, daily, weekly and monthly reminders. All of these give you and your caregiver peace of mind. Below are the six best medication reminders for elderly seniors:

1 MedTimer™ Medication Dispenser with Bluetooth 

Med Timer with Bluetooth and AC AdapterThis unique medication organizer offers a safe and convenient way to take medication. Features include: 

  • a tamper-proof metal locking system to reduce overdosing
  • Voice commands, beeps, and four blinking lights to alert users when it’s time to take medication
  • Holds up to one week’s supply of pills taken up to four times a day
  • Bluetooth (4.2) connectivity that supports Android or iPhone
  • 28-day compartment to hold up to 35 aspirin size pills

MedTimer Medication Dispenser is easy to set up and easy to use. An optional spare tray (sold separately) allows you or your caregiver to preload the dispenser for a quick and easy exchange.


2 MedCenter 31 Day Pill Organizer with Reminder System

MedCenter Pill OrganizerOrganize your medication quickly and easily with the MedCenter 31 Day Pill Organizer with Reminder System. It features 31 individual and removable pillboxes to cover each month. Another great feature is the MedCenter Talking Clock. Program the clock to sound the alarm at the exact time to take your medication up to four times a day. Never miss a dose again! Going out for the day, remove that day’s pillbox and go.  The easy-open lids allow easy access, and the Red & Green color-coding shows when the daily dose is done. Users and caregivers can’t go wrong with MedCenter. It’s ideal for vitamins too!

3 TabTime Medication Alarm Timer

TabTimer Medication ReminderRemember to take your medication on time 100 percent of the time!  This medication alarm timer will help you stay on course. It’s portable, compact, and flexible. Set it for up to eight alarms per day, and when it’s time to take your medicine, a loud alarm gets you going. Set up is very easy, with only three buttons to program. The compact size allows you to carry it in your purse or pocket, set it on your desk, or hang it on the wall. It’s the ideal tool for people taking medications for Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, arthritis, blood pressure, and more.

4 Sagely Smart XL Weekly Pill Organizer with Reminder App

Medication reminder with appThis extra-large medication organizer will quickly become your favorite! The compartments are large enough to hold oversides pills, tablets, or vitamin supplements. Use it for a 7-day, twice-a-day pillbox or a 14-day, once-a-day pillbox. It features an easy-to-use push-through design with easy-to-open flexible lids. Perfect for people with arthritis and other limited dexterity issues. The containers are clear to see what’s inside, sturdy for long-lasting durability, and portable. Each container easily pops off the base to take them with you. The Sagely Smart XL Weekly Pill Organizer comes with a FREE APP. This innovative app acts as your medication reminder and works with both Apple and Android smartphones. Enter the name of the pills you need to take and then enter the time you need to take them, and the APP sounds the alarm at the precise medication time. BPA Free!

5 Monthly AM/PM Pill Organizer

Monthly Pill OrganizerThe Monthly AM/PM Pill Organizer is small and lightweight. It’s ideal for helping the elderly or anyone who often forgets to take their medications. Designed with a unique color system to help you keep up with your daily medication doses. Each compartment is marked for AM or PM for 31 days with one extra compartment. It features a removable snap-on lid that keeps pills from spilling. It’s great for traveling, Bpa Free, and easily fits in your pocket or purse.


6 Sukuos Morning, Noon, Evening & Bedtime Weekly Medication Organizer

Can’t remember to take your pills? No worries! This Sukuos 7-Day Medication Organizer can help. Sukuos pill organizer offers users a medicine organizer for medication times of up to four times a day. Fill it once a week with its easy-to-use one-hand operation. Ideal for elderly users and users with arthritis. The sturdy material is moistureproof, Bpa Free and transparent. The rainbow color makes it very easy to distinguish between medication types.

These six medication reminders and organizers are designed to keep you safe and healthy. Choose the organizers that best fit your specific need, and never miss your medication again. They are ideal for users of all ages and their caregivers. If you have any questions about any of these products, contact at 1.877.728.9507. Our customer service team is available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST.

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