The Best Rollator Walker for Elderly Seniors


Rollator walkers are very helpful for elderly seniors with mobility problems. Unlike walkers, rollators have three or four wheels, making them easier to maneuver but very dangerous for bearing your weight onto them. By doing so, the rollator can roll from underneath the user, causing an accidental fall that leads to a different set of problems. Nevertheless, rollator walkers are used by people with balancing issues but are stable enough to operate them safely.


Features Of A Standard or Traditional Rollator Walker

Rollator-walker-redA standard rollator walker features four wheels, hand brakes, a seat, a storage basket, and is foldable. The average rollator user utilizes all of these features. As mentioned before, the four wheels make the rollator walker easier to maneuver over rough terrains and uneven surfaces. Users can roll over coarse gravel, grass, sidewalks, carpets, and smooth surfaces without lifting the rollator. Rollator wheels always swivel and are controlled by the hand brake feature. Hand brakes stop the rollator on demand and lock the brakes using the locking mechanism feature.

Another great feature of rollator walkers is the convenient seat. Users can sit and rest as needed after a long walk. This feature is ideal for users with COPD, Parkinson’s, or users recovering from a stroke or heart failure. These users can remain active and independent. Underneath the seat is a storage basket for carrying groceries and other personal items.

Finally, all rollator walkers are foldable. This makes them portable for travel and storage. Users can take their rollator to the grocery store, a stroll in the park, or on vacation. Depending on the size of the rollator, lifting it may pose a problem for some users. Otherwise, rollators easily fit in the trunk or backseat of your car or closet.

Two Traditional Rollator Walker Styles

3-&-4-wheeled-rollatorsRollator walkers come in two styles, three-wheeled or four-wheeled. They both feature easy-to-use handbrakes, 7.5-inch casters for indoor and outdoor use, and they both are made with lightweight, adjustable frames that fold for portability and storage. Three-wheeled rollators don’t come with a seat for resting but are easier to maneuver in tighter spaces. Some three-wheeled rollators come with a storage bag, basket, and tray, while others just come with the storage bag.  

The traditional four-wheeled rollator features a foldable aluminum frame with height-adjustable handles, easy-to-use handbrakes, a padded seat with either a basket or storage bag beneath it. Also, they come in a variety of colors with either 6 or 8-inch casters. 

Traditional models are also available for bariatric users. The bariatric models are extra wide and feature adjustable heights for the very tall. 

These styles of rollator walkers are bulky and heavy. Many users report struggling to lift them for transport.  This is a problem for users with a limited range of motion and limited strength. Traditional rollator walkers can be a bit costly as well for elderly seniors on a tight budget. However, there is no need to worry! There is a better rollator walker that is:

  • Compact
  • Affordable
  • Stylish
  • Lightweight

The Best Rollator Walker for Seniors


A practical choice for seniors is the EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator from Stander, Inc. It is a wonderful merger of the old traditional rollator and the new lightweight, stylish rollator. Perfectly suited for indoor and outdoor use. 

The Elder Expo highly recommends this real conversation starter. EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator features include:  

  • Lightweight design – weighing only 15 pounds for users to easily and effortlessly pick it up for transport or storage
  • Foldable up to 3 times smaller than traditional rollators making it small enough for travel on a bus and compact enough to fit in a small car
  • Full locking brake system with reversible brake pads
  • A comfortable seat for resting in between steps
  • A storage pouch on the front of the walker and a convenient basket underneath the seat for all your personal belongings
  • Four 6-inch castor wheels – swiveling front castors and fixed back castors
  • Convenient, snap to close back brace for resting
  • Supports weights of up to 250 pounds
  • Available in three vibrant colors: black walnut, regal rose, and cobalt blue

EZ Rollator & Folded

The EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator ships to you fully assembled and ready to use. Users will not only be happy with this unique choice for a rollator, but they will be even happier to recommend it to friends and family. Check out these other highly recommended, state-of-the-art rollators from 

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