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Top 10 Dressing and Grooming Aids for The Elderly

It seems our bodies turn on us as we get older. The elderly develop all sorts of health problems, including arthritis, diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia, brittle bones, and strokes, to name a few, during the aging process. These health conditions have a direct effect on our quality of life daily. So much so that something as routine as getting dressed, brushing our teeth, combing our hair, or simply walking through the house becomes a challenge.


Most Common Dressing and Grooming Issues for Elderly Seniors

A senior woman with arthritis is having trouble buttoning her sweater.

For many years, getting up in the morning to start our day was effortless. We never once thought that brushing our teeth, combing our hair, or buttoning our shirt would become difficult to do and even painful. This is what millions of elderly seniors experience every day because they live with joint pain from Arthritis or uncontrollable shaky hands because of Parkinson’s. Elderly seniors living with Alzheimer’s or Dementia have forgotten how to dress altogether.

A senior man sliding into his loafers with the aid of a long-handled shoehorn.

The good news is there are amazing products available to help with these problems. These products were designed and developed by people who know exactly what is needed because they are either living with these conditions or taking care of a loved one with these conditions. Below are the top 10 favorite products designed to help users maintain their independence and self-reliance.

Foam Built-Up Handle Button Aid with Zipper Pull

Dress in your favorite shirt, trousers, or skirt with ease, and snag that hard to fasten buttons. Find that hard to pull fly zipper effortlessly! This nifty button aid with the zipper pull has a foam, built-up handle, making it easy and comfortable to grasp for those who suffer from the joint pain associated with Arthritis. You’ll love this item. It’s also perfect for people with limited grasping and weak hand dexterity.

Deluxe Extra Long Dressing Stick

This 28-inch long deluxe dressing stick helps you put on and take off your clothes, socks, and shoes. It has a vinyl-coated push/pull bend and hook on one end and a vinyl-coated “C” hook on the other end. The push/pull bend hook assist with putting on coats, shirts, and pulling up pants. It can be used to remove socks and shoes, while the “C” hook helps pull up zippers. Elderly people with limited range of motion and other mobility limitations will find this helpful dressing stick to be a great companion.

Formed Sock Aid with Soft Foam Grips

This is a very popular sock aid because of its functional features. It is made of sturdy molded plastic to pull the sock onto the foot and a long braided cord with soft foam grips to eliminate bending. Another great feature is the rubber self-adhesive pad. The pad offers a non-slip-resistant surface that holds the sock in place while pulling it onto the foot. Formed Sock Aid with Soft Foam Grips is ideal for people with limited mobility, arthritis, or poor hand dexterity and who use a wheelchair!

Bariatric Formed Sock Aid with Soft Foam Grips

The Bariatric Formed Sock Aid with Foam Grips is exactly like the Formed Sock Aid above, except its five inches wider. This extra-wide design accommodates bariatric users with extra-wide calves. It’s as simple to use as the regular sock aid. Place the sock onto the rigid molded plastic, place your calf onto the sock aid and use the comfortable foam handles to pull the sock onto the foot.

Compression Sock and Stocking Donner

The Compression Sock and Stocking Donner help users put on tight compression socks and compression stockings. Older people with circulation problems are happy to use this easy-to-use innovative device. Place the sock or stocking onto the sturdy, steel center frame, place your foot securely inside and use the comfortable foam handles to pull the sock or stocking onto the foot. It’s an excellent compression sock or stocking aid for users with mobility limitations.

Unique Shoe Aids for Putting On & Taking Off Shoes

It’s no secret that bending to put on and take off shoes for the elderly, people in wheelchairs, and those with other special needs can be painful. Not to worry, below are a few unique shoe aids that will eliminate bending and even eliminate tying shoelaces. There are extra-long shoe horns, bendable shoehorns, elastic shoelaces, hands-free funnels, and many more options. Let’s start with the extra-long shoehorns.

Telescopic Spring Expandable Shoehorn

This stylish shoehorn eliminates bending for users with limited mobility or recovering from hip, knee, or back surgery. It extends from 16 inches to 31 inches for people of different heights, has a spring connection between the handle and the shoehorn for different angle insertion, features a soft foam handle with a wrist strap for comfort, and a stainless steel shaft that is durable and rustproof. Makes a great gift for just about anyone.

Extra Long Metal Shoehorn with Comfort Grip

This Extra Long Metal Shoehorn has a soft, comfortable grip for those with limited hand dexterity or Arthritis and a 31.5-inch length to eliminate bending. It comes with a lifetime warranty and a gift box. Use it for yourself or give it to a loved one.

Hands Free Adaptive Shoe Funnel

The Hands-Free Adaptive Shoe Funnel is easy to use and ideal for people with problems bending. It helps users put on and take off their shoes with ease. Physical Therapists highly recommend this adaptive shoe aid as a great alternative to the extra-long shoehorns. Made from long-lasting, sturdy material and compact for traveling.

Extra Long Handled Comb and Hair Brush Set

This unique comb and brush set design help users unable to raise their arms above their shoulders. It’s perfect for people recovering from a Stroke, individuals with Arthritis, or living with a range of motion limitations. The handles are extra-large, ergonomically shaped to follow the curve of your head, and wrapped with a non-slip rubber material for a comfortable grip.

Extra Long Swiveling Lotion Applicator

Apply lotions, creams, and oils without bending, twisting, or reaching with this Extra Long Swiveling Lotion Applicator. The swiveling feature makes it easy to cover every curve and hard to reach areas of the body. Users in wheelchairs or users recovering from hip, knee, or back surgery will find this nifty applicator especially helpful while grooming. It is 23 inches long with a soft, removable sponge applicator.

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