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Top 5 Self Wiping Toilet Aids For The Elderly


It may never occur to the average person that someday, simply wiping yourself after a bowel movement will be almost impossible! This fact may not be a problem now, but it is a reality for millions of people, especially the elderly, the obese, and people with other special needs. 


There are several reasons why wiping after a bowel movement becomes difficult. A few reasons include problems reaching to clean your bottom after back surgery, a hip replacement surgery, obesity, limited mobility due to aging, and being overweight. Additional reasons may include medical conditions such as recovering from a stroke, living with Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, or severe arthritis. Reaching to clean the bottom for these people is not only difficult but sometimes even painful. 

Problem with improper cleaning after bowel movements

Everyone needs to practice proper hygiene to ensure healthy daily living. However, staying healthy isn’t always possible for people who cannot properly clean themselves after a bowel movement. Improper cleaning can lead to other health problems. The risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs), bacterial infections, skin irritation, and fecal transfer to other surfaces can be dangerous and even deadly. Nevertheless, proper cleaning after a bowel movement can be made easier for everyone. 

Top 5 bottom wiping aids for proper cleaning after toileting

Elderly seniors, the obese, and people with other mobility limitations experience all sorts of problems daily. When one of those problems include not being able to self-clean after a bowel movement, don’t worry. There are self-wiping toilet aids available to help. The top five are discussed below:

All of these products are designed to help you extend your reach to easily wipe your bottom, with just a few unique differences. 

The Bottom Buddy™ Toilet Aid 

 This bottom buddy toilet tissue aid is the most popular. It features a curved handle with a soft, flexible head. The head grips any tissue or pre-moistened wipe securely. After placing the tissue or pre-moistened wipe, a simple push of a button releases the paper into the toilet. No touching, no mess! The ergonomic design and built-up handle make it easy to reach your bottom and easy to grasp for those suffering from arthritis pain or those with weak or limited dexterity. The bottom buddy is 11 inches long and comes with a discreet and convenient carrying pouch. Make this your buddy toilet tissue wiping aid today! 

The Freedom Wand™ Toilet Aid

 This exceptional toilet aid has multiple uses. Use the Freedom Wand™ Self Wiping Toilet Aid to assist with wiping your bottom after a bowel movement, apply ointment to hard-to-reach areas, and offer a helping hand when bathing. Features include a head with four extendable fingers, an easy-to-use handle with a release button, a removable extension tube to shorten the handle as needed, and a convenient storage bag also used for travel. In addition to gripping toilet paper or moistened wet wipes, the soft, flexible head grips a razor for shaving, a bath sponge for bathing, and a cotton ball to apply ointment. It measures 14 inches long with the removable extension tube attached and six inches long without it. Users can extend The Freedom Wand to measure 21 inches with the extra extension tube sold separately. 

The Buckingham Easy Wipe Toilet Aid

This innovative self wiping toilet aid’s ergonomic shape enables users to wipe themselves when reaching is difficult. The Buckingham Easy Wipe has a rounded silicone end and a push-button end. The silicone head is a patented shape mechanism that grips the toilet paper or wipes it securely and releases it cleanly. It’s easy to use and easy to clean. It measures 15 inches long and comes with a convenient carrying case. Buckingham Easy Wipe is also available in a convenient compact travel size

The Selfwipe Toilet Aid

The Selfwipe Toilet Aid is a comfortable and easy-to-use self-wiping aid for users having difficulty bending or reaching to clean their bottom. This toileting aid is shaped like the letter L and features an angled clamp to hold the toilet tissue or wipe in place. After use, simply discard the soiled paper with the push of the easy-to-use release button on the end of the handle. The Selfwipe Toilet Aid is a sturdy plastic device that measures 9-3/4 inches. The angled clamp area measures 5 inches.

The Long Reach Comfort Wipe Toilet Aid

This Long Reach Comfort Wipe Toilet Aid is similar to the Buckingham Toilet Aid in design and function. It’s designed to help those having difficulty bending, turning, or reaching to self-clean during toileting. The durable construction is a combination of plastic and rubber for long-term use. The ergonomic design is easy to hold for people with grasping limitations, and the extra-long 14-inch length makes reaching effortless. To use, simply insert the toilet tissue or a pre-moistened wipe into the soft, flexible head that grips the paper securely. No touch, no mess, no worries! After use, release the soiled paper by pushing down the release button, and it’s done.


All of these unique bottom wiping aids are perfect for elderly seniors experiencing mobility limitations. They can also be used by people living with obesity that find it very difficult to turn, bend or reach behind them to self wipe after toileting. They all are affordable and available on The Elder Expo or Amazon. Regain your independence and maintain your dignity by choosing the toilet aid that best fits your need and start using it today!

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