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“Top Recommended” Products For Seniors Living Alone

Senior Woman In Window

Senior Woman In Window

Seniors living alone have become the “in-thing”. The high cost of living in independent and assisted living facilities has skyrocketed. Most older adults live on fixed incomes that do not come close to covering the cost of living in one of these facilities. 

Because of high costs,  more and more elderly seniors, including the up-and-coming baby boomers, are opting to age in place. Even though these facilities provide on-staff nursing and other health care provisions, a few of the major perks of independent and assisted living facilities, a huge number of older people with health conditions have also decided to stay in their own homes. 

Let’s take a look at some products designed to make living alone much easier for elderly seniors and those with other special needs.

Contract-Free Medical Alert System

SkyAngel911-blackA medical alert system tops the list. It’s perfect for anyone living alone. Used by elderly seniors worldwide, a medical alert system can be classified as an actual life-saver! The most popular system available is the SkyAngel911. This unique medical alert system does not require a monthly monitoring service and a long, dragged-out contract with a service provider. At the touch of a button, users have access to 911 anytime and from anywhere cell service is available.

SkyAngel911-KeychainThe SkyAngel911 alert device even detects an accidental fall. It’s waterproof, compact – small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, or on a key ring, and easy to use. It comes with everything you’ll need to get started:

skyangel911-accessories SkyAngel911 gives you and your family members peace of mind knowing help when needed, is just one click away!



Medication Management 

People living alone with major medical conditions that require medication regularly, should not go a day without the Med Timer™ Pill Dispenser with Bluetooth and AC Adapter. Although it doesn’t compare to having a nurse care for you around the clock, it is very helpful.

Med Timer with Bluetooth and AC AdapterThis nifty little gadget is simple to use and easy to set up. It reminds users to take medication correctly and on time daily. Features include:

  • A tamper-proof metal locking system that reduces the chances of accidental over-dosing
  • A human voice, alert beeps, and 4 blinking lights to remind users that it’s time to take their medication
  • A 28-day compartment designed to hold up to 35 aspirin size pills
  • Bluetooth capability

The Med Timer™ Pill Dispenser with Bluetooth is lightweight, compact, and works by battery or with the A/C adapter included. Remembering to take your medication has never been easier. 


Bed Rails & Grab Bars

Bed and bathroom safetyEZ-Bed-Rail-Stander-Adjust is extremely important for seniors living alone. They are perfect for the elderly or anyone who needs a little help every now and again to sit or stand. Those living with the pain and stiffness of arthritis and other physical disabilities know how dangerous it can be to take a bath or shower without having support to get in and out of a bathtub. 

Likewise, getting in and out of bed can be difficult. A safety bed rail offers users a helping hand to get in and out of bed. These helpful products not only offer much-needed support but also keep users out of the emergency room after an accidental slip and fall. 


Doorbell Camera

doorbell camera

The Ring Video Doorbell is the most popular video doorbell available. It allows users to see, hear and talk to visitors before they even ring the doorbell. It features: doorbell camera

  • 1080p HD video that lets you see from your phone, tablet, or computer
  • a motion detection system
  • High-quality night vision
  • Video recording for up to 60 days (with subscription sold separately)
  • Pairing capabilities to Alexa-enabled devices for announcements and in-home monitoring
  • rechargeable battery

Setup is easy and the system works with your wifi internet connection. The Ring Video Doorbell keeps you aware of anyone passing by or walking up to your doorbell. 


These are just a few of many adaptive products designed to make the lives of our aging population safer and easier. Pick one or all of these wonderful products for yourself or a loved one and continue to live alone with confidence. If you have any questions, please contact The Elder Expo’s customer service department. We are standing by to assist. Please call 877.728.9507.