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What are TAP Aids for the Elderly & Disabled?

Great Grips Door Knob turner

Elderly hand and stove knob

In our growing ages of technology, new lifestyles, and acronyms that continually change, another item of interest to add to this list is TAP aids for the elderly and disabled.  Many people are not familiar with what TAP aids are.  A Google search on the internet returns all kinds of meanings for the three letters, T-A-P.  According to the Acronym Attic, TAP could be an abbreviation for “Test Assembly and Packing,” or “Tax Assistance Program,” or “The Antarctic Project.”  More than 20 abbreviated definitions are provided on the website.  Rest assured, the TAP aids for consideration here have nothing to do with packing taxes in Antarctica.  This preview is about TAP aids for the elderly and disabled – the gripping devices used for the actual taps (a.k.a. knobs) of your bath, sinks, and doors.

Great Grips Door Knob turnerLiving independently is a desire of many, and learning how to do it well is a skill that most must master.  Household aids are excellent life hacks, the little things that make everyday living easier.  TAP aids are excellent items for people who are challenged with arthritic hands, grip problems, or hand weakness.  Great Grips Doorknob Covers are strategic tools for living independently in the home.  The product offers two (2) covers that are packaged with glow-in-the-dark inserts.  These grips are latex-free and allow users to turn a knob with a finger, an elbow, or a closed fist.  Essentially, it provides the ability to grip and turn doorknobs with greater ease.  

Maddak Stove knob turnerA similar item of interest is the SP Ableware TKO Turning Knob Operator and Appliance Handle for Stoves and Other Knobs.  If cooking is an activity that you enjoy, keep the love alive with this device. Use it in the kitchen or any other area where small items and irregular-shaped faucets, knobs, or valves are present.  The added leverage it provides allows more force for turning power when needed.

Life is not limited.  Life is full of change.  Sometimes, we simply need to learn how to live differently.  Knowing the benefit of TAP aids is a strong foundation for living differently.  Knob turners for arthritis, grip problems, or hand weakness are excellent TAP aids for the elderly and the disabled.  Use them.  They make the navigation of bathing areas, sinks, and doors easier.  As mentioned before, living independently is a desire for many and learning how to do it well is a skill that many must master.  The Elder Expo is a great informational and product resource for life changes related to the elderly and the disabled.  

Visit and browse around. You will find a variety of adaptive living aids like TAP aids for people with arthritis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia, limited mobility, stroke recovery, and much more! The very best part of visiting this website is their customer service support. If you have questions or other concerns, between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday, you can speak to a real person – not a recording, not a chat – but a real, knowledgeable representative in real-time.


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